Expert help in the development of material, product or process, including investigation into ways to improve performance or prevent problems in manufacture or service.

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Product Research

SATRA has contributed to many great advances in the footwear industry for 90 years through its commitment to innovative research (see our progress).

This research continues to benefit many sectors of industry that now form our member base. Work includes the development of innovative materials and products, enhancing the performance attributes of materials and products, optimising production and processing capabilities and meeting environmental legislation.

The benefits of SATRA's research and consultancy services include:

  • Unrivalled knowledge in developing consumer products and materials
  • 90 years' practical experience in helping companies bring innovative products to market
  • Dedicated research team of highly qualified scientists and technologists
  • Comprehensive facilities
  • Technical problem solving

Bringing new and innovative products rapidly to market can give a company the competitive edge - SATRA's research team is here to help members achieve this. Contact our team leader, Tom Bayes, on +44 (0) 1536 410 000 or email



Research Project examples

Harmful substances and emissions
Organisation of industry working groups, including dermatologists and toxicologists, to seek the development of procedures to detect harmful substances in consumer goods and their constituent materials.

Climate Chamber
Replication of extreme environmental conditions, with temperatures minus 40°C to +50°C and varying humidity, used in helping to define a cold rating system for clothing and footwear.

Contrived ageing
Development of process and equipment to achieve the effects of long-term wear and use of a product in hours and days, which is valuable in product design and development and where bringing product to market quickly is important.

Work to help manufacturers and retailers make more objective and meaningful claims about product 'green' credentials.

Advanced Moisture Management - breathability of footwear
Development of the SATRA Endofoot that accurately simulates the thermo-physiological properties of footwear and allows assessment of moisture disposal properties to help manufacturers achieve better product performance and comfort.

Thermal Hand
Research into simulating the thermo-physiological properties of gloves.

Biomechanical abrasion
SATRA's Pedatron biomechanical abrasion tester provides accelerated wear simulation under realistic conditions by reproducing the abrasive action of long term wear on a shoe sole in hours.

Studded Sports Footwear Protocol
A series of guideline values providing performance standards for studded or cleated footwear including both whole items and components.

Water-based adhesive effectiveness
Close analysis of in-factory footwear manufacture to determine whether the way in which water-based adhesives are used for sole attachment can be as cost effective as solvent-based.

Working smarter not harder
Research into methods of working to improve efficiency and avoid potential health problems through over-exertion.


SATRA research will usually be funded by a member company or a group of companies and undertaken on a strictly confidential basis. However, in certain circumstances, SATRA is prepared to partner research projects.

SATRA also has a programme of research funded out of membership subscriptions. This is targeted at providing new or enhanced services for members, solving an industry wide problem, providing information on utilising a new technology or helping member companies meet new legislation.